The Local Community Networking and Development Center was established pursuant to the Board of Trustees’ decision in 2012 in order to forge closer ties with the local community and the Arab and regional education institutions and research bodies, and to harness university excellence in serving the local, regional and global communities.

In addition, the Center aims to utilize investment and make best use of the available human and material resources to serve the local community.

Core Values:

- Transparency: displaying ideas and contributions of scientific knowledge to stakeholders in the community.

- Integrity: building a relationship with the community based on the values​​of justice, humanity, respect of opinion, freedom and right so individuals(the principle of equal opportunities and professional ethics).

- Responsiveness: meeting the requirements and needs of the beneficiaries of the University’s services and programs in accordance with its mission.

Community Service and Development:

Community service is one of the main roles of the University of Jordan, since its establishment in 1962, the University has attached great importance to the issue of harmony between its programs and the needs of the Jordanian society, development plans and the Arab and regional communities, it is keen to provide students enrolled in its programs with access to educational, research and service opportunities available in relevant Jordanian institutions.

Graduate Spirit:

- To respect cultural, ethnic and religious diversity in the Jordanian society and appreciate ethical values and interpret them into a sense of responsibility in the workplace and in the society.

- To keen to retain national belonging and respect the laws and regulations in the community.

- To engage in community service.


Stakeholders Networking:

A database will be prepared for all Stakeholders inside and outside the University of Jordan, locally, regionally and internationally, constantly updated in order to activate and strengthen relationships and links with the community institutions, production bodies and industry, and display ideas and contributions of scientific knowledge before stakeholders. Also provide programs that satisfy the needs and requirements of all benificiaries.

Moreover, create the environment for all stakeholders to contribute to the core values ​​of the University, in order to improve the quality of education and educational out comes in community development.


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